Job Title:Head of Training - Microfinance Learning & Development Centre (MLDC)

Job Objective/Purpose of Job:

The Head of Training is responsible for driving MLDC’s strategic intent of capacity building and organizational development for the microfinance sector, by ensuring its learning and development activities support current and future business needs of participants banks, with a best-in-class service and expertise.

Location: Lagos

Reports To: Executive Secretary/CEO, MLDC


1.    Learning and Development Strategy:

  • Implement the learning and development strategies of MLDC in line with its business objectives.
  • Implement and continuously review its management and leadership development training programs.
  • Manage strategic partners to ensure delivery of capacity building trainings and the sales of organizational development programs.
  • Plan, implement and manage learning and development within budgets and assess the return on investment (ROI) of any training or development programs.
  • Design both in-house and public trainings with identified training partners aimed at delivering blended learning solution which includes but not limited to coaching, classroom training, one-to-one sessions, action learning and e-learning.
  • Conduct managerial and staff training needs analysis for the microfinance sector.
  • Formulate and implement annual training calendar.
  • Identify, negotiate, finalize and monitor training providers’ services in terms of timeliness, effectiveness and cost.
  • Develop, monitor and control the annual training budget.
  • Support and drive talent development initiatives for the sector.

2.    Learning Centre, training standards and quality assurance:

  • Develop and implement the learning curriculum and drive the development of the corresponding delivery content.
  • Drive the deployment of a learning management framework and system.
  • Develop and implement a world class learning center poised to deliver unrivalled quality learning experience.
  • Implement a robust faculty management framework and drive the identification and selection of faculty members in line with the overarching goal of MLDC.
  • Oversee the development, maintenance and expansion of a robust e-learning platform, e-learning courses and e-resource library.
  • Set and monitor standards for training and learning in alignment with the MLDC’s set standards.
  • Evaluate training and learning and their impact on delegates/participants knowledge and practice, and use this to achieve continuous improvement.

3.    Training Management:

  • Identify a suite of prioritized training courses aligned to MLDC’s strategies. This will include courses from existing offerings, developing new courses and e-learning opportunities.
  • Plan, organize, coordinate and direct training and educational activities at management, professional and supervisory levels.
  • Engage key stakeholder and training decision makers within the industry to determine current and future training needs.
  • Conduct training sessions and obtain the services and assistance of training specialists when courses and training procedures are of a specialized or advanced nature.
  • Develop, write and coordinates the development of training manuals working with specialists.
  • Prepare training videotapes and/or films and maintain library of video and film training aids.
  • Develop and implement a continuous improvement mechanism leveling the participants feedback process for trends and level of satisfaction.
  • Develop and seek approval for training budget to cater for intervention plan developed.
  • Support the process of developing learning content.
  • Evaluate, monitor and report training success of each intervention or program using key performance indicators.

4.    Stakeholder Management:

  • Maintain and develop effective work relationship with NMP, MFB partners, and other key stakeholders to ensure alignment of priorities for training and development and most effective learning outcome.
  • Partner with stakeholders to ensure implementation of agreed earning interventions.

5.    Strategic Management:

  • Develop the strategic management framework for MLDC
  • Develop a five-year strategic plan for MLDC accompanied by a financial budget and critical policies and processes aimed at institutionalizing MLDC
  • Develop the cooperate governance framework and delegation of authority matrix
  • Develop and implement a scalable data intelligence capability
  • Develop a comprehensive and robust roadmap aimed at delivering key objectives contained in the strategic plan
  • Drive the monitoring and evaluation process

6.    Project Management:

  • Develop project management framework for the execution of MLDC related projects.
  • Identify critical sub projects aimed at concluding all pre-establishment deliverables and drive the execution of other projects required for the effective takeoff of the Centre.
  • Manage the full stretch of the registration process working with the selected lawyer and the partners and put in place mechanisms for systematically ensuring the filing of all legal and regulatory documents and ensure compliance with all extant laws and regulations.
  • Ensure the set-up of a functional office in collaboration with the partners.

Education/ Professional Qualification:

Bachelor’s Degree in social sciences, Business, or a related field required
Master’s degree with previous experience in startup company, setting up of a training function would be an added advantage
Minimum of seven (7) years’ work experience in similar role with at least three (3) years management experience in a structured organization with proven track record of startup management and project management
A professional qualification will be an added advantage

Relevant Skills and Experience:

Experience in training/learning management
Managerial level experience
Effective communication and presentation (both verbal and written) skills
Reporting skills
Records management skills
Negotiation and Persuasion skills
Facilitation skills and ability to manage a mature classroom
Planning and Coordination skills
Good interpersonal and collaboration skills
Good use of Microsoft Applications - MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
Sound knowledge of the Nigerian Economy and major World Economies
Sound knowledge of the Nigerian Banking Industry
Sound knowledge of the Microfinance sector
Culture and custom knowledge of working environments
Other banking experiences would be added advantage

Age: 35 - 40

Key Performance Indicators:

Results: Number of trainings executed versus the actual trainings to be delivered, Return of Investment (ROI) of training
Stakeholders: stakeholders’ satisfaction level, training compliance rate
Process: participants reactions, training objective delivered, transfer of behaviour to actual work practice

Functional/ Technical:

Ability to think strategically, conceptualization and project management
Strong oral and written interpersonal skills.
Highly developed, demonstrated teamwork skills.
Demonstrated ability to see the big picture and provide strategic advice and input across the management team.
Ability to lead in an environment of constant change.
Creative, forward thinker.


Entrepreneurial, goal and results oriented.
Strong people management skills and team work.
Personal mastery.
Analytical thinking.
Cultural awareness.
Diligent and proactive.
Ability to work with and in a team, work in a multi-ethnic and multi-national environment, multi-task, accommodate long work hours and travels.
Strong inter-disciplinary approach to work and cross-sectorial thinking in strategic planning and decision-making.
Capacity to work under pressure in a fast moving/growing organization.
Ability to work with minimal supervision, self-starter and demonstrates initiative.
Flexibility – able to adapt to business dynamism.
Ability to work under tight work schedules.

Salary: Competitive and Based on qualification.

Please send your resume by email to on or before the 8th March 2018.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.