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About Accion MfB HR

At Accion MfB, we believe people are not just our best assets: the right people are. Our people are the success of the bank - today and in the future. Accion MfB employees are talented, dedicated, hardworking, committed and experienced people hired for their skills and knowledge.

Job Segments

Banking & Finance
Information Technology
Risk Management


We service diverse customers nationally and as always, we like to hear that our customers come out from the bank happy and satisfied. Take a look at what our clients said about us.

Why Internship with Accion MfB

Resume Builder

The importance of a string resume cannot be overemphasized. Without a good resume, finding a job could be very difficult and tough. Internship with Accion MfB will give you the real life experience within a working environment. Internship with a reputable organization like Accion MfB will increase your chances of getting a job as employers prefer applicants with work experience.

Time Management

Time management is critical factor for success especially working within a corporate environment. Internship in Accion MfB will make you become good at time management.From attending meetings to submitting reports and finishing task, you will learn how to manage your time to meet deadlines and multitask.

Real World

Joining a company like Accion MfB is a golden opportunity for interns. As an intern, your job is not just to run errands but to gain valuable real life experience across the different job segments you may be posted to. Accion MfB will give you the opportunity to build your career future. Internship in Accion MfB is an investment.

Career Foundation

This is a building block for your future career growth. Internship will help you set your career priorities. Choose your career path based on area of interest and prospect keeping in mind that an internship opportunity may become a valuable tool to your career development.

Categories of Internship Opportunity

Accion MfB offers offers internship to different categories of interns.

Management Internship Opportunities

Students of Finance and Accounts, Accounting, Business Management can apply for internship position in this category.

    Essential Responsibilities
  • Assist with month end reports
  • Assist with audit
  • Balance sheet reconciliation
  • Help with financial accounts
  • Data entry
  • Other duties as may be assigned

ICT Internship Opportunities

Students of computer science, information technology or related course can seek to do their internship in the Technology & E-Channels department.

    Essential Responsibilities
  • Assist in application development
  • Troubleshoot network related problems and resolve same
  • Maintain an updated IT asset register
  • Carry out service desk operations
  • Troubleshoot and repair minor hardware computer problems
  • Other duties as may be assigned

How You Can Apply

Applying for an internship position in Accion MfB is in simple steps. To proceed with your application, kindly fill the internship form by clicking on the link below.

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