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Job Details
Job Responsibilities
  • To Support the Head, Risk & Internal Control in understanding and developing the I.T Risk assessment strategy, plans and I.T risk-related issues at business and operational level.
  • Prepares IT risk assessment plan which includes all Units and processes in Information Technology department.
  • Communicate risk assessment results to appropriate parties; ensure that issues are addressed and corrective actions are implemented.
  • Collect information and review documentation to ensure that risk scenarios are identified and evaluated.
  • Performs vulnerability scan of servers and network devices to ascertain vulnerabilities inherent in them using Qualyguard with a view to remediating the identified gaps.
  • Carry out user management on the Core Banking application (T24). Also, supervise the activities of the System Control Officer.
  • Carry out user management on the Core Banking application (T24). Also, supervise the activities of the System Control Officer.
  • Ensure that all IT policies and procedures are compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Test information systems controls to verify effectiveness and efficiency prior to implementation.
  • Develop and implement risk responses to ensure that risk factors and events are addressed in a cost-effective manner and in line with business objectives.
  • Develop a risk awareness program to ensure that stakeholders understand risk and contribute to the risk management process and to promote a risk-aware culture.
  • Create and maintain a risk register to ensure that all identified risk factors are accounted for.
  • Follow-up on Internal Audit report to ensure that IT control issues highlighted are resolved within appropriate timeline.
  • Other activities as may be assigned by the Head, Risk & Control or MD/CEO.
Qualification & Experiences
  • Master & Bachelor's Degree in any of Accounting, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Information Technology
  • 10+ years of IT Risk/Auditing/Control experience
  • CISA certifications.
Key Performance
  • Ability to translate business needs and problems into viable and accepted solutions.
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work well within a team environment and participate in department projects.
  • Ability to impart knowledge and develop the competencies of direct reports.
Required Knowledge
  • Proficient in using computer software (e.g., SQL, Excel) and application systems
  • Familiarity with Core Banking Application systems like Temenos T24 Banking Software.
  • Knowledge of Risk assessment processes/procedures
  • Ability to balance detail with departmental goals/objectives
  • Ability to coordinate and perform multiple tasks/projects simultaneously, balancing priorities and deliverables.
  • Competent interpersonal skills, demonstrating the ability to lead projects and mentor others
  • Ability to evaluate business processes and IT technology, identify risks and evaluate controls.
  • Written communication skills, ability to share and impart knowledge

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