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Brighta Purse

This is Esusu (day to day) collections of daily sales from customers.

  • Available for individuals
  • Opening minimum balance N500.00
  • Esus collection
Brighta Xtra

This allows third party withdrawal with valid for clearing cheques.

  • Unlimited withdrawal
  • Opening balance individual N2,000.00, company N5,000.00
  • Allow third party withdrawal
Brighta Future

Target savings that accommodates customer’s future expenditure.

  • Available to associations, cooperative, unions
  • Opening balance N1,000.00
  • Savings period 120 days
Brighta Investor

This create opportunity for customers to invest their fund with Accion MfB for a higher return.

  • COT free
  • Opening balance N100,000.00
  • Minimum deposit tenure 30days

Brighta Togeda

This is a joint account for that for joint savings between two or more persons.

  • Suitable as joint account
  • Opening minimum balance N1,000.00
  • Esus collection
Save Brighta

This product aims to encourages savings for three months and get 2X the amount saved as a loan.

  • Open account on Phone
  • 4.2% interest rate
  • 8% interest on loan
Brighta Social Investor

This create opportunity for Accion MfB customers to refer customers to benefit for loan.

  • Free COT
  • Opening balance N150,000.00
  • Minimum deposit term of 6 months
Brighta Plus

This product by Accion MfB allows third party withdrawal from account with cheques not valid for clearing using our channel.

  • Allow third party withdrawal
  • Opening balance N1,000.00
  • Unlimited withdrawals
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