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My SME Education Loan

This is a working capital and asset finance loan for SME operators in the education sector.

  • 4% interest rate @ reducing balance
  • 1% Admin fees
  • Access to loan of up to N10,000,000.00
  • Loans strictly disbursed to schools
  • Insured loan of 1%.
  • Loan backed by collateral
  • Tenure up to 2 years
  • Account opening and proper documentation required
  • Proof of school ownership/existence
  • Proof of business viability
  • Proof of school existence for at least 1year
  • School must be willing to have business account with Accion MfB

  • Prove of business ownership and experience
  • A/C opening required
  • Viable business
  • Guarantor
  • And any other document that might be requested for by Accion MfB

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